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Cocolobo Hotel is rated by Trip Advisor in the top 20 small hotels in Central America and number one in the West End of the island.

The owners of this twelve room boutique hotel are seeking a manager/management couple beginning in January 2014 to oversee all of its operations.

Cocolobo Resort Description

The hotel is located on the Caribbean Sea on the former Seagrape Plantation in West End, Roatan, Honduras. Cocolobo is the Latin name for the seagrape tree which is found in abundance on the plantation.

The group of seven buildings designed in 2005 by an award-winning British architect takes full advantage of local building materials, skills and knowledge, and profits from the natural breezes blowing off the sea immediately to its front.

The hotel comprises ten large rooms in three buildings and two self catering cottages, as well as being associated with two Lodges on the same property. There is a separate building which houses the manager’s residence, the office, and the laundry.

The hotel caters to North and Latin American and European tourists who come to Roatan for its world class SCUBA diving, and yet who seek a quiet out-of- the way retreat from the bustle of West End village 500 metres away. The hotel serves only a buffet-style cooked breakfast; the many restaurants of West End, within minutes walk away, provide ample dining choices for guests.

Roatan is served by several international airlines with daily flights directly from Houston, Texas, and weekend flights from Miami, Atlanta, Toronto, and Montreal. Central American airline Taca provides connections much further afield. Roatan is widely acknowledged as one of the best kept secrets of Caribbean vacation destinations.

Personal and Professional Qualifications and Skills of the Manager for Cocolobo Hotel

The owners seek a manager, preferably married, who has received some academic training from a recognised School of Hotel Management, and has had some experience working in a tourism business in North or Latin America or Europe.

  • The Manager will have the ability to manage local staff, to ensure they fulfil their duties, and to create a healthy working atmosphere among them. Proficiency in English is essential, and proficiency in Spanish is a very useful but not a necessary qualification, although an interest in acquiring some fluency would be viewed favourably.  Honduras is a Spanish speaking country, but for historical reasons English is widely spoken or understood by all ranks of society on Roatan.
  • The Manager  will have developed skills in working on a web based reservation system, will be comfortable with related software programmes, will have developed skills in banking, financial data collection and reporting, and be capable of making suggestions to the improvement of the hotel’s marketing and operation.
  • The Manager will be familiar and comfortable with plumbing and electrical systems, and be capable of carrying out minor repairs to the hotel’s physical infrastructure such as repairing locks, recaulking bathrooms, or changing light bulbs.
  • The Manager will have an exemplary record with all professional societies to which he or she belongs and with previous employers. Three professional and personal references will be required as well as a police report.
  • The Manager will have some experience in working and/or living in a non- North American or European environment.  The cultural differences between Honduras and North American and European societies, are not large but they exist, and an understanding of and sympathy to these differences would be an asset.
  • The Manager will have well rounded personal skills capable of dealing with sometimes difficult and often unforeseen problems and issues with staff, guests, local tradesmen, and officials, the resolution of which is crucial to the hotel’s success.
  • The Manager will be capable of managing the hotel on an unsupervised basis. There will be no one on the island to whom he or she can turn for assistance if crises develop. Innate problem solving skills are essential. The Manager will be required to maintain a satisfactory working relationship with the Management Committee whose members live variously in Argentina, Britain, and Canada.



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