The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane Hotel is recruiting for a Banqueting Manager.



Skills and Knowledge unique to this position;

  • Knowledge of all Banqueting Standard operating procedures, set ups,  quality presentation of trays, canapes, buffets & breaks, service & products
  • Good knowledge of Banqueting Kitchen and multiple types of Banquet Service
  • Ability to assess quality control and adherence to service standards
  • Knowledge of and implementation of Laws relating to liquor liability, local health and safety standards and employment contract law


 Influence Skills                    TO….

  • maintain revised or new Starwood or hotel standards in product or service
  • maintain & continuously improve all Banquet Operations standards
  • maintain service levels throughout events proactively planning ahead

 Managing Change                               TO….

  • consult, whilst effectively and positively manage changes in operation, policy and procedures, with direct reports

 Innovation                                            TO….

  • provide regular feedback on progress/reports/magazines within the industry and how new concepts may be applied to our product
  • generate new ideas for service and products that will maintain a competitive and leading edge over our Competitive set


Sensitivity                                             TO….

  • understand and effectively manage cultural needs and expectations of different groups utilising Hotel policies, training and coaching

 Rapport Building                 TO….

  • Be the leading and effective liaison with clients whilst on property for functions / events
  • Be the go to person for the client or delegate appropriately to ensure there is constant support for the organiser
  • Build and manage relationships with our key clients, solicit and act upon feedback as part of the overall Sales management process
  • Be a proactive part of the One Team One Rota process putting you and the team forward to assist other departments when required


Coaching                                               TO….

  • conduct performance or disciplinary related reviews with direct reports as necessary on a timely basis
  • reparation and regular update of Job Descriptions and Person Specifications for direct reports
  • preparation and regular update of Departmental Training Manual
  • implementation of Training programme for Department, in conjunction with the Training Manager
  • create an environment in which direct reports can take responsibility and authority for their work and development
  • foster, train & build a team of loyal casual workers giving them opportunities for growth and development within and outwith the department


Informal Communications               TO….

  • actively participate in F&B briefings, highlighting positives, opportunities for improvement, operational challenges and solutions when appropriate
  • attend & contribute at the Quarterly Staff Meeting
  • actively participate in other meetings as requested even those outwith your direct are of responsibility
  • prepare for, attend & participate in weekly BEO meeting with events team using this as a meeting to plan with the team the impact of the event on the overall hotel and the nest way to execute the event efficiently whilst maximising guest experience
  • attend daily F& operational briefing.  Attend the morning operations meeting when available
  • prepare for, attend & participate in monthly P&L meeting presenting the positives and challenges of the past month.  This meeting is also a time to put forward strategies to maximise revenue or minimise cost for the coming months


Planning / Organisation / Monitoring                               TO….

  • plan and execute a monthly Department Communications Meeting
  • effectively manage distribution of workload amongst self, agency, casual team members direct reports.
  • effectively manage coverage of Banquet events with regard to customer liaison
  • assist with effectively managing Manhours, overtime, lieu time, holidays as required by the business and within Budgeted allowance, maintaining required Productivity ratios
  • Forecast upcoming business and create weekly rota and schedules in accordance to business.
  • Prepare an annual budget for labour based on the Banqueting budget
  • Management of banquets back of house – requisition, weekly cleaning schedule, monthly maintenance schedule and report etc.
  • Take ownership for all banquet Front of House and Back of House spaces, follow up and ensure that all spaces are at their best at all times

Initiative / Energy                                TO….

  • provide creative methods for improving Customer Service
  • continuously review and improve internal operations methods in own Department


Service Career Orientation                 TO….

  • assist with achieving hotel CEI and GEI targets as agreed with Director of F&B
  • advise  Events / F&B Director of guest complaints in advance working to mitigate prior to any complaint on the day/night

Personal Impact                  TO….

  • project a pleasant positive and professional image to all contacts at all times
  • act as part of the sales team in site inspections ensuring seamless executions of these
  • at tastings guide the client and assist the events team with upselling pre during and post dinner beverages
  • project a professional image that will instil trust from the client and use this to ensure that the event is run in the best possible way for the overall guest experience

Quality Awareness                              TO….

  • Advise & liaise with Director of F&B and Head Chef on Banqueting operational issues, standards and procedures
  • understand, maintain and adhere to all Starwood policies and procedures, or as directed
  • understand and implement all Starwood programmes as applicable to Conference & Banqueting


Banquet Operations Manager


  • Tertiary Education to Degree or HND level preferred


  • Management experience as Banqueting Manager or similar F&B HOD role
  • Operational  supervisory management experience of Banqueting


  • Experience with Micros  and Opera preferred
  • Experience with Excel
  • Word-processing skills; Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint an advantage



Influence Skills

  • Must demonstrate an ability to use interpersonal styles and methods to accomplish goals through others. Requires skills to tell, sell or support staff, clients and/or others as the situation requires
  • Must demonstrate assertiveness to instruct, firmly represent organisational standards and goals, or discipline as necessary.
  • Be able to motivate a large team for any given function

Managing Change

  • Must demonstrate an ability to adapt to environmental as well as internal organisation turbulence through understanding the impact of change and the positive management of change
  • This implies individual composure and resistance to stress in control of emotions


  • Must demonstrate an ability to creatively and continuously improve methods of Customer Service and internal Operations


Rapport Building

  • Must demonstrate an ability to develop a strong working relationship with others by being fair, open, reliable and consistent.
  • Must demonstrate an ability to keep on-going interdepartmental relationships with peers, informing peers of potential problems and project progress necessary for all departments to function most effectively


  • Demonstrates an ability to take into account the needs and feelings of different cultures and their different backgrounds



  • Must demonstrate an ability to work with employees to develop strategies for enhancing performance and to recognise contributions in a timely manner.
  • Must demonstrate an ability to provide prompt corrective as well as supportive feedback
  • Must demonstrate a proven ability to motivate casual and agency team members


Informal Communications

  • Must demonstrate ability to dialogue informally and effectively with all co-workers, in one-on-one or small group settings, through clear articulation of ideas and active listening.
  • Must demonstrate an awareness of the importance on non-verbal communications in interaction with others


Planning / Organisation / Monitoring

  • Must demonstrate an ability to set priorities, develop managerial work strategies ( using delegation, holding meetings, setting work plans etc.) schedule work, co-ordinate resources and establish feedback

Problem Solving / Judgement

  • Must demonstrate an ability to relate and compare data from different sources ( an ability to identify and analyse problems to explore issues, secure relevant information, correctly identify relationships and make the best decision).
  • Must demonstrate decisiveness and a willingness to commit to action once alternative solutions have been weighted.
  • Must be able to proactive anticipate problems and manage these whilst under time pressure

Initiative / Energy

  • Must demonstrate an ability to maintain a high activity level towards goals. Must demonstrate an ability to originate action (self-starting) and to take action beyond what is called for generating ideas.


Service Career Orientation

  • Must demonstrate a clear enjoyment in working in the Hospitality Industry, and demonstrates a willingness to anticipate and recover in response to guest needs.
  • Must demonstrate a positive customer service contact (both external and internal).
  • Must demonstrate a clear understanding of a positive service orientation and an understanding that employees reflect their treatment into guest treatment

Personal Impact

  • Must demonstrate an ability to project a pleasant positive and professional image to others


  • Must demonstrate a knowledge of the need to maintain Sheraton’s standards and quality services while adhering to financial / budgetary provisions
  • Must demonstrate high standards of personal and professional conduct

For further information or to apply for this role, please contact Kieran Quinn, Hotel Manager.


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