Provide a professional, advisory and executive support service to the Human Resources Department. Manager to assist in strategic goals of the company. All tasks are carried out in line with hotel and corporate policies and guidelines, and the hotel’s business plan. Develop human and social part of the company, keeping employees details confidential.


The following is an outline of the role and responsibilities of the Human Resources Intern. All tasks shall be carried out according to the HR Standard Operating Manual:

  • Updates the HR Information System – TMS:
  • Adds new employees
  • Updates employee details, when it is necessary
  • Prepares contracts
  • Prepares the following letters for employees on request: PPS Letter, Bank Letter,            Certificate of Employment and Probation Period Completed Letter (all letters must       be signed by HRM)
  • Adds absences/lateness, disciplinary, holidays, trainings
  • Prints various reports to highlight important data
  • Attaches documents for tracking purpose
  • Creates Employee Identity Cards on request
  • Implements ideas to update constantly HR forms
  • Scans and files employee documents (starter packs, medical forms, trainings, etc.)
  • Sends holiday requests signed and approved to employees, payroll manager and HOD’s
  • Updates monthly the Staff Phone Numbers file
  • Ensures that HR office supplies are in stock
Starters / Leavers:
  • Maintains par stock of 10 packs – Starter packs and Induction Workbooks
  • Personalizes the starter pack, workbook, name badge, locker key and job description for every new employee and sends the Employee Handbook by email
  • Processes resignation letters and issues Resignation Acknowledgement when the resignation is received
Employee Files:
  • Prepares new files for new starters and places them in the “STARTER” section of the top drawer of the filing cabinet
  • Removes Personnel Files and files them in the “LEAVER” section of the filing cabinet
  • Weekly filing of all paperwork to Personnel Files
  • Keeps File Inventory up to date
  • Be sure that all employees return all documents required
Internal communication and interaction with employees:
  • Functions as a contact person for new employees
  • Communicates with employees and HODs, when it is necessary
  • Maintains all general information of Communication Notice Board
  • Creates and prints notices for employee information purposes
  • Checks that HR forms are available in the canteen
  • Provides birthday gifts and updates associated file
Human resources communication:
  • Attends HR meetings
  • Communicates issues or important information regarding employees with the HR Manager
  • Checks reference by telephone or by email for each applicant after first interviews
  • Sends regret letters following unsuccessful applications and or interviews
Uniforms and lockers:
  • Provides uniforms to new employees
  • Ensures that we have reasonable stock of each uniform
  • Ensures that lockers are maintained clean and working when employees return the key
  • Updates the locker file
  • Assists trainer before and after trainings to prepare the rooms
  • Updates booklets, slideshows or certificates
  • Attends trainings and participate actively

For further information or to apply for this position, please contact Aoife Beales, Human Resources Manager


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