Banqueting and Events Manager

Our guests keep us as individuals in a job, and, as an operation, they keep us in business.

Your first duty is to greet bridal couples/event organisers on arrival and at all times in a warm, welcoming, and friendly manner. Be friendly, smile, respect their position and always make them feel appreciated!

Main purpose of the Job

To ensure the cleanliness and order, correct mis-en-place and set up of arrival reception area and ballroom/function room, prior to, and during service of the function meal, ensuring guests are warmly greeted and promptly served to a high standard and overall management and coordination of the day’s events as set by the general standards of The Four Seasons Hotel.

Ø Liaise with clients to identify their needs and to ensure customer satisfaction whilst creating an agreement and budget with the client

Ø Preparing and executing a detailed outline of the event needs through use of function sheets /tablets, ensuring they are distributed and are easily understandable by department heads whilst complying fully with GDPR guidelines and legislation.

Ø Liaise with event coordinators re Updates of event details on a monthly/weekly/daily basis, as progress and commitments are made.

Ø Communicate with clients in a professional manner and take detailed minutes during client meetings (in person and via conference call.) making any necessary amendments to functions details and informing all relevant personnel of such changes.

Ø Assist Event organiser/wedding couple with event logistics which include food & beverage selection, hotel room blocks, videographer and photographer coordination, on-site event support

Ø Proactively handle any arising issues/ problems on the event day, communicating any problems that arise in an up-front manner with the client and with senior management

Ø Inventory supplies on a regular basis ensuring enough equipment is in stock to service upcoming functions.

Ø To walk through arrival area and ballroom and ensure that all items that should be in place are in place, that menus are correct, and everything is well laid out and presented well.

Ø To ensure all items present on tables belonging to the bridal couple are taken in and all items are removed to store after use for collection

Ø Propose ideas to improve provided services and event quality and organise /conduct staff training accordingly

Ø Act in a supporting role to the general manager and deputy general manager onsite at events throughout the year

o Paying attention not only to wedding /events but to all hotel operations on a daily basis and assisting in alternate areas as necessary

o To check upcoming business, ensuring appropriate staffing levels in all departments

o Check on all departments daily throughout your shift and if any issues arise, assist & take corrective action re same

o In the absence of the General manager /operations manager, delegate duties to duty management colleagues

Ø To report for duty at rostered times and ensure all work is complete /organised and in order prior to departure, ensuring a handover is given to next MOD

Ø Ensure compliance with insurance, legal, health and safety and GDPR obligations

Ø To communicate our service and facilities to guests as required.

Ø To ensure that guests’ needs and requirements are met.

Ø To ensure that all reasonable care is taken for yourself, other employees, guests and all other persons on the premises

Ø To carry out fire drills

Ø To report and where possible take action on any incidents of accidents or damage

Ø To attend all training courses and meetings as notified to you by management

Ø To carry out any other duties notified to you by senior management; in general, your main duties will involve wedding /conference & event management and coordination, prior to the event and liaising with the organisers of said event, in carrying this out to the standard of a four-star hotel. Your position may also incorporate aspects of banquet service, duty /operations management, and guest service in terms of food & beverage requirements.

For further information, please email James McKenna, Deputy General Manager.

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