Executive Housekeeper

At Kilkea Castle, we are currently seeking a dedicated and confident Executive Housekeeper to join the Team.

Under the guidance of the Rooms Division Manager, and within the limits of established Kilkea Castle Hotel policies and procedures, the Executive Housekeeper, oversees and directs all aspects of the Accommodation operation.

To be totally flexible in performing duties assigned and assisting within the department and throughout the hotel as required.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To communicate expectations to employees through:
    • Departmental Orientation
    • Job Descriptions
    • Training programs
    • Performance Reviews
    • Development of Employees
    • Departmental meetings (Monthly)
    • Daily team briefings
    • Conflict resolution/Corrective Action
  • To manage and monitor Accommodation employees to ensure all guests receive prompt and courteous service.
  • To ensure necessary operational tools and supplies are available to employees to carry out their responsibilities efficiently.
  • To ensure employees wear PPE where necessary.
  • To set and review standards and ensure that they, through effective training are communicated to all Accommodation employees.
  • To Schedule routine inspections of all Accommodation areas by/with the supervisors.
  • Inspect public and BOH areas on a regular basis to ensure that the furnishings, facilities and equipment are clean and in good repair.
  • At the end of each shift, inspects all storerooms including the public area store room.
  • Reviews weekly work schedules in accordance with staffing guidelines and labour forecasts and budgets daily in order to ensure business demands are met.
  • To ensure procedures are in place with regards to the upkeep of furnishings, facilities and equipment, ensuring they are clean and in good repair.
  • Inspect grooming and attire of employees and rectifies and deficiencies.
  • To identify and ensure the highest possible standard of cleanliness, maintenance, guest room supplies and amenities at a realistic cost.
  • To monitor and control inventories for equipment, linen, uniforms and stock to ensure control and maintenance of par stocks and costs.
  • To monitor and maintain service delivered according to the policies and procedures manuals.
  • To monitor employee interaction with guests, ensuring prompt and courteous service, resolve discrepancies with respective employees.
  • To control and analyse, on an ongoing basis, departmental costs to ensure performance against budgets set.
  • In conjunction with the Rooms Division Manager, conduct monthly departmental meetings to include a review of procedures and events which warrant special handling and detailed information.
  • To identify and action training needs of the department specific to each employee on an ongoing basis.
  • To implement and control accommodation procedures that provide for the health and safety of employees and guests, such as lost and found services, key control, security and emergency procedures and environmental procedures.
  • To maintain appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniforms, appearance and posture of departmental employees.
  • To communicate fire, emergency and health and safety procedures.
  • To perform related duties and special projects assigned by Senior management.
  • To perform varied shifts each week to ensure maximum coverage of the department over the course of any stated week.


  • Foster and develop effective employee relations within the Housekeeping Department and throughout the hotel
  • Establish and maintain effective internal communication, including daily & monthly meetings with all housekeeping staff, to ensure optimum teamwork and productivity.
  • Look for ways to motivate and challenge the employees.

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