General Manager

The Bull Inn, Charlbury is based in the heart of the Cotswold It has recently had an extensive refurbishment and is now fully opened and is seeking a General Manager for the venue.

Position Description

Position Title: General Manager

Reports to: Operations Manager

Status: Full Time

Position Overview

Reporting to the Operations Manager the General Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operational management of the venue including food and beverage operations, functions, people management, finance and reporting, stock management and ensuring workplace health and safety. The General Manager is responsible for implementing approved operational plans and effective management of the operational budget.

Key Responsibilities include:


• Responsible for creating a positive venue experience, maintaining high standards with venue presentation, and ensuring the venue is fully functional and operational.

• Implement the annual operations plan and regularly report to the Operations Manager on progress against the plan.

• Ensure that appropriate systems are in place to manage and operate the venue effectively and efficiently.

• Develop and implement appropriate processes and procedures to create an exceptional and consistent level of service.

• Manage the day-to-day operations across all departments within the venue including food and beverage, kitchens, functions, and stock management.

• Work with the Head Chef and Executive Chef to continually improve food quality, consistency, food and portion control, and speed of service.

• Responsible for ensuring there is management support and presence is visible in the Hotel at all key times.

• Actively support and work collaboratively with the Marketing and Events Manager and Sales and Events Manager to implement marketing strategies and maximise functions revenue.

• Responsible for ensuring daily effective stock management including oversight of weekly/monthly stock take, the security and safekeeping of stock and equipment, and ensuring that stock is accounted for and control procedures are complied with.

• Responsible for ensuring appropriate security systems for all risk areas, including cash, stock protection, security personnel and lock up are adhered to on a daily basis.

• Always ensure compliance with all requirements of the license and licensing law and acting as the Liquor License Nominee if required to do so.

• Facilitating and actively participating in regular Management meetings including monthly P&L and End of Month meetings.

People Management

• Develop and maintain a strong culture within the venue with the right people in the right positions to implement the annual operation plans.

• Responsible for ensuring labour costs are within agreed budgets for the venue through effective rostering and accurate forecasting.

• Responsible for ensuring all recruitment and selection processes are conducted within Public House Group guidelines and in an open, transparent and equitable manner.

• Responsible for developing, implementing and supporting staff training to ensure that

• staff have the skills to undertake their work safely and accurately whilst delivering exceptional and consistent levels of service.

• Responsible for ensuring that staff are aware of appropriate food handling, occupational health and safety, responsible service of alcohol and emergency procedures and participate in regular mandatory training.

• Responsible for implementing The Road (Public House Group online Human Resource Information Management System) at [insert site name] and ensuring consistent, accurate, and timely use within designated time frames.

• Responsible for achieving effective communication by participating in regular departmental meetings and actively encouraging transparent communication with your team.

• Maintain a positive workplace in which all team members are encouraged to liaise directly with Management on all personal/work related matters.

• Follow company procedures when handling employee grievances or undertaking disciplinary action.

• Actively support and work collaboratively with the People and Culture team for all staff related queries, concerns and initiatives.

• See that staff performance at all levels is continually reviewed utilising venue performance review processes and that development plans are undertaken and followed through.

Finance and Reporting

• Proactively monitor sales, margins and expenses to ensure that the financial performance for the venue is in line with budget expectations.

• Identify negative variances against budget expectations and take appropriate and timely remedial action.

• Responsible for ensuring that all cash is accounted for, floats and tills are reconciled, sufficient provision of floats and safes are properly maintained and that all financial procedures and controls are complied with.

• Responsible for ensuring that all weekly and month end reports are completed accurately and in a timely manner.

• Responsible for ensuring that all food and beverage invoices are approved and correctly entered into H&L.

• Responsible for ensuring that all goods are correctly received/dispatched in accordance with the quantities and quality stated in the purchase orders and specifications are accounted for and properly stored.

• Responsible for ensuring appropriate recording of all wastage.

• Responsible for ensuring procedures are followed for all cash transactions, accounting and banking procedures.

• Responsible for ensuring the effective management of the Petty Cash account.

• Responsible for performing daily revenue audits including checking the accuracy of the end of shift balance and cash handling.

• Responsible for ensuring accurate cash drops are collected by the contracted security company.

• Responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring procedures to control theft, wastage and damage.

• Provide recommendations for all Capital Expenditure and/or repairs and maintenance as required.

Workplace Health and Safety

• Ensuring that the venue is run in a safe, orderly and disciplined manner in accordance with the conditions of the license, policy and health and safety requirements and legislation.

• Responsible for ensuring that a high level of cleanliness is maintained in the venue and associated areas including the back office.

• Responsible for ensuring that the cellar is kept in a safe, clean and hygienic state.

• Responsible for ensuring that all staff in the venue are aware of the requirements of the OHS legislation and of their roles in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

• Responsible for ensuring all workplace accidents are reported on the prescribed form, appropriate treatment given, and all accidents/near misses investigated, following venue guidelines.

• Responsible for ensuring that all staff work in a safe manner, seeking to minimise hazards to ensure the safety of other staff and customers and reporting all safety hazards as per compliance standards.

• Responsible for ensuring that all health and safety, fire and building regulations and procedures are complied with.

Equal Opportunity

Public House Group recognises and celebrates that the UK community is comprised of people who bring to it a wide range of cultural traditions, languages, religious beliefs and values and we are committed to ensuring that our organisational values, policies, procedures and practices are inclusive and reflect respect for and appreciation of diversity. Public House Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Key Selection Criteria

• Excellent knowledge of food and beverage operations with at least 3 years venue management experience, preferably in a high volume hospitality environment.

• Demonstrated financial management experience and attention to detail with the ability to manage and understand the financial processes of the venue including P&L reports, forecasting, budgeting, and costing.

• Experience in leading and managing multi, busy teams, and building positive and innovative work environments.

• Energetic and flexible with demonstrated experience working in a fast paced environment with the ability to work under pressure, manage competing demands and respond effectively to challenges.

• Ability to manage time, set priorities, plan and organise own week and that of team.

• Excellent interpersonal skills with strong written and verbal communications skills.

• Honest, reliable, creative and willing to go above and beyond when necessary.

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