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Cavistons has a rich history that dates back to the mid-1940s. What began as a modest fish shop has blossomed into a family-run business offering an impressive range of products spanning seafood and delicatessen items. Over the years, Cavistons has become a major supplier of quality food to many of Dublin’s leading restaurants and hotels. Their thriving export business, particularly in smoked salmon, has contributed to their continued success.

Located in the heart of Glasthule Village in Sandycove, South County Dublin, Cavistons draws customers from near and far. The convenience of being close to Sandycove Dart Station ensures excellent accessibility, linking them to the greater Dublin region1.

In 1996, Cavistons Restaurant opened its doors, providing an opportunity to showcase the freshest seafood in Dublin. The restaurant quickly gained critical acclaim both nationally and internationally. It remains a landmark eatery, attracting patrons from all corners, and continues to uphold its reputation for excellence. In 2022, the restaurant moved into its new purpose built 3 storey building and continues to expand and evolve.

We are currently looking for a General Manager for this exciting and unique restaurant.

The General Manager (GM) at Cavistons Restaurant plays a pivotal role in overseeing the day-to-day operations of their Glasthule restaurant. As part of one of Ireland’s most recognised family-owned hospitality companies, this position carries significant responsibility and impact.

Here are the key aspects of the Cavistons Restaurant General Manager role:

  1. Operational Oversight:
    • The GM ensures the smooth functioning of the restaurant, from opening to closing.
    • They manage staff schedules, inventory, and overall logistics.
    • Quality control, adherence to hygiene standards, and customer satisfaction fall under their purview.
  2. Leadership and Team Management:
    • The GM leads by example, motivating and guiding the restaurant team.
    • They foster a positive work environment, encouraging teamwork and excellence.
    • Staff training, development, and performance evaluations are part of their responsibilities.
  3. Customer Experience:
    • The GM prioritises guest satisfaction. The customer is at the heart of our business.
    • They handle customer feedback, resolve issues, and maintain high service standards.
    • Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is essential.
  4. Financial Management:
    • The GM oversees budgeting, cost control, and financial reporting.
    • Profitability, revenue growth, and expense management are key areas they focus on.
  5. Menu and Product Knowledge:
    • The GM collaborates with the chef and kitchen staff to ensure menu consistency.
    • They stay informed about food trends, seasonal ingredients, and wine pairings.
  6. Marketing and Promotion:
    • The GM contributes to marketing strategies, special events, and promotions.
    • Building relationships with local patrons and fostering community engagement is crucial.
  7. Compliance and Safety:
    • The GM ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.
    • They maintain licenses, permits, and necessary documentation.
  8. Strategic Planning:
    • The GM participates in long-term planning, growth initiatives, and business development.

In summary, the Cavistons Restaurant General Manager embodies the essence of hospitality, combining business acumen with a passion for exceptional dining experiences.

Competitive salary to be discussed.

CVs to or Phone: 012809120

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