Alumni have always helped other members of the Shannon Family with advice, contacts, business advice and general support.

This assistance has been invaluable to mentees and a very rewarding experience for mentors who have seen their support having made a tangible change to their mentee’s career.

In response to discussions with various alumni over the past few months, I am happy to trial an Alumni Mentor programme.

A mentor  is a trusted advisor who will provide directed guidance to the mentee. Their insight, experience and advice will be of benefit to the mentee and provide a good sounding board to help inform the mentee’s business/career decisions.

This mentorship and support has only worked when the connection is already there. Some alumni need support but don’t always have access to a mentor.

A mentee is an alumnus who needs advice and guidance and maybe just an impartial opinion on their dilemma. Perhaps they graduated this year – maybe they graduated 30 years ago…but they might need:

  • Career advice
  • New startup advice
  • Marketing, financial, HR advice
  • Business crossroads – scale up or stay put?
  • Any other business dilemma they might be facing

Yes! If you would like to assist a fellow graduate, please let me know. 

Let me know what area you would feel comfortable offering advice on.

  • Meetup with your mentee – either face to face or via Skype etc
  • After your initial meetup, then keep in contact maybe 1-2 times per month via email or face to face
  • Share your experience and your informed opinion
  • Be honest 
  • Be confidential – this applies to both parties
  • You are not expected to find the mentee a job.  
  • You are not expected to take on personal issues that are better dealt with by a counsellor or other medical professional.
  • You are not expected to solve the mentee’s initial problem.

Your role is to offer advice – the mentee ultimately makes the decision having explored many options.

To access the list of Mentors, please click >> here. You must be signed in to access this section.

This mentorship will be informal in nature and no liability will be assumed by the mentor for decisions made by the mentee.

Please email Tracy Hegarty if you would like to offer your services as a Mentor.

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