Patrick Farrell (2011) won the Louis Latour scholarship when he graduated in 2011.

The Louis Latour prize is donated to commemorate Mr Alec Slefer, a distinguished staff member, who died in 1991 and who lectured in wine and oenology. The prize covers attendance at a special training course at Maison Louis Latour in Beaune includes tuition, flight, associated travel, meals and accommodation.

Patrick won this award as he was judged by the graduation panel as the graduate who displayed during training the true meaning of warmth and hospitality in the traditional French spirit of “Mon Hôte”.

Patrick made his trip to Maison Louis Latour in late 2011 and blogged about it >>here.

He obviously enjoyed his visit because in October 2013 – he returned to Maison Louis Latour for 10 days to take part in the Harvest! He describes his 10 days work in the blog entry >>here – it makes fascinating (and exhausting!) reading.

Click on the photos below for the full blog post and photo gallery.



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