Dani Sheil, Class of 1993 is currently working in Wellness.

What 3 words best describe your experience as a student of Shannon College?

Tough, fun and life changing.

What college memory still makes you smile?

So many but Wine tasting with Schmity and him putting out the spit buckets…knowing they’d hardly be used!! 🤪

If you had to re-live your time in Shannon College, would you do anything differently?

No actually it was all fun learning.

What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

Maybe do some exercise…try to find a few other outlets to balance life’s stress.

In your life, what achievement are you most proud of?

My ability to adapt and find enjoyment in any circumstances.

What qualities do you think are most important to have for a rewarding career?

Tenacity, adaptability and sense of fun.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced during Covid-19?

Missing seeing my friends…many of whom are Shannon friends.

Do you have words of wisdom that you try to live by?

Life is a series of moments…make sure to enjoy each one!

What advice do you have for current SCHM students who are looking for inspiration and hope?

You have years of living ahead of you. Just hold on and breath if things are tough and enjoy these days if you’re having fun. This too will pass.

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