This graduate is from the 1970’s – Semi-retired Hotelier | Restaurateur now Consulting | Currently focused on online Restaurant Retail.

What 3 words best describe your experience as a student of Shannon College?

Attention to detail.

What college memory still makes you smile?

Jorgen Blum’s zero tolerance on hair length during the ‘Hippy Years’

If you had to re-live your time in Shannon College, would you do anything differently?

Listen more intently to the wisdom.

What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

Look, listen carefully and do. Eyes firmly open all the time . Soak up the experience, get the skills. When on placement excel and commit the industry exposure to your deepest memory for future use. Make great friends and network at every level. Identify leaders and role models – learn from them. Temper your ambition with established competence – grow your career step-by-step. Always keep up to date with industry evolution and trends Continuous personal education. Look out for your financial future on the basis that one day you wish to happily retire.

In your life, what achievement are you most proud of?

Some time ago a customer pulled me aside and said ‘Do you remember about three years ago I came into your restaurant with some friends – I called you aside and explained that their child was anorexic – could we take special care. He reminded me that I personally took the young person’s order, made a recommendation and stayed discreetly engaged with the table all evening. The young person ate the entire ‘considered’ portion. Apparently from that day forward the child’s healing began and the child’s health was restored …. As a 45 year industry veteran, that for me is the most important achievement of my career.

What qualities do you think are most important to have for a rewarding career?

Honesty | Integrity | Hardworking | Empathy | Creativity | Calmness | Passion for all Hospitality | Commitment to excellence where One or Seven Star Operation.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced during Covid-19?

I pivoted my skill-set to become adept and agile with online retail; critical for hospitality businesses during the pandemic.

Do you have words of wisdom that you try to live by?

The lyrics of the song ‘Do What You Do Do Well’ by Ned Miller come to mind … ‘DO WHAT YOU DO DO WELL BOY ! and when we were at Shannon – Senior Lecturer at the time Frank McMahon’s mantra was ‘DO WELL | DO WILLINGLY’

What advice do you have for current SCHM students who are looking for inspiration and hope?

The current crisis is just that, it will pass in some form and be managed thereafter. You are surrounded by educators and Industry Leaders who will have total focus on you, yes you, getting any aspect of experience you have missed. Shannon College Educators have for 70 years put ‘Shannon Students’ first and foremost, however rest assured for the the next couple of years the Shannon Team will dig even greater strength to ensure the current generation of students excel as before. You for your part need to DO WELL | DO WILLINGLY to work together towards your joint goal. Enjoy the journey.

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