Congratulations to Cristina Pardo (Dublin) and Neil Barton (Surrey) who each won a hard copy of ‘Pieces Of Mind – Second Edition’ in the recent competition to mark the two thousandth download of the pdf version of the book.

The question was: ‘What is the last line of Ken’s best loved poem?
And a hint was given: ‘You’ll search of course, but look before you leap!’ I nearly gave it away!

All you had to do was look at the table of contents where you would see: ‘Postscript: my all-time favourite piece of writing.’ Turning to it, you would discover that it was a poem; hence (at the risk of insulting your intelligence)
Ken’s best-loved poem! Many thanks to all who participated.

Incidentally, at this point 2,250 copies of the pdf version have been downloaded. The reason that the download figure to your right is so low is that we recently replaced the file with a new one containing some minor amendments, and the count restarted at zero.

Best wishes to all,

Ken O’Sullivan (1964)


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