With a Trust Score of 9.8, Trust Pilot rank luxury vacation rental company Exceptional Villas as one of the most trusted travel companies in the world. Likewise, Google has ranked the company in the top five in the world when it comes to trust. The luxury villa rental business is all about trust nowadays and is a vital component when it comes to success in the business.

Client loyalty is also about trust, and when a client has trust, they will believe in the integrity, honesty, reliability, dependability and competence of a company.

Trust is everything according to Exceptional Villas. It is the basis of every relationship, particularly when it comes to travel planning. “Since we started the company in 1992, we have worked hard to gain this trust, which is why we are so thrilled to be recognised in this way,” says Alexandra Baradi, founder and owner of Exceptional Villas.

In the very high-end luxury travel market, there is a trend towards a more traditional, personalized and bespoke service and away from online travel agents. It is important to note that this is only at the top luxury end of the market. Discerning clients who are spending a lot of money want to talk to people and not machines when it comes to planning their valuable time off.

Research by one of the world’s leading travel companies Exceptional Villas has shown that their high end and very discerning clients no longer wish to have an anonymous experience. They prefer to speak to an expert and make an informed decision on the best places to go, the best accommodation to choose and the best experiences to participate in when they reach their vacation destination. And above all, they need to trust that their chosen property has been properly vetted. They travel each year to their markets inspecting villas in Barbados, Turks and Caicos and The Dominican Republic for example.

The Exceptional team of travel experts spend a large portion of their time inspecting both the villas and the destinations they represent. Equally, they spend a great amount of time with their clients to fulfil their vacation dream and find them the perfect villa.

The beginning of the process starts with asking the client many questions which in turn allows the company to perfectly match the villa to the client. The Villa Experts have a commitment to each and every client.

The clients recognise their commitment which is the reason that so many clients book not only several times a year but also year after year with the travel company.

Exceptional Villas also offers a full and complimentary concierge service to all its clients. This involves organising every detail of their customer’s vacation which in turn ensures that all they need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset.

When it comes to travel companies, there are many scams and pitfalls to avoid. In particular, when it comes to luxury travel, there is a marked movement away from big consolidators in the travel business to bespoke and expert services.

Source: Exceptional Villas ranked the most trusted villa company in the world | TravelDailyNews International

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