I am so very sad to hear today that Herve Goulet (Class of 1973) passed away yesterday afternoon, September 9th 2023.

Herve was so determined to attend the 50th Anniversary celebrations of his class in 1973 and his absence will be really missed. He was in  touch with all of his classmates and was a great supporter of all things SCHM.

Thinking of Herve’s wife Alison, his family, friends and classmates at this very sad time.

May Herve rest in peace.

Hervé’s Funeral, SCHM alumni and James Enright’s Eulogy

Hervé’s funeral was attended by over 100 people and there was a mix of friends from Shannon College in attendance – from his class as well as other classes who had worked and socialised with Hervé over the years. See some images below.

Read James’ very personal Eulogy >> HERE 

Memories from Friends and Classmates:


Class of 1969-1973

We were fortunate to have Hervé as a classmate. Hervé arrived in Shannon 6 months before all his classmates and was training in the airport kitchens. When the rest of the class arrived in Shannon, Herve was our guide and a good one. He knew the workings of Shannon.

Over the past 54 years he was a vital cog in our class in Shannon/ Wine Tour /Switzerland and UK.

This is a photo from the 1970 Wine tour

Hervé demonstrating how to pour with the Venencia under the watchful eye of Hanns Schmidt and 1973 classmates thinking “what a show off”

Hervé and I spoke frequently about events in UK and USA and especially soccer/rugby scores etc. He was very well up on the UK soccer scene. Herve’s birthday is this Friday, Sept 15th…. he will be missed.

We last spoke 3 weeks ago and he gave me an update on his condition but was feeling resilient and positive. Sadly, it did not last.

On behalf of The Class of 1973-Dick Butler-Richard Carroll-Frank Cassidy-Paddy Caulfield-Bill Croke-Peadar Cunningham-Adrian Davis-Jim Enright-Chris Garde-John Glynn-Tony Kennedy-Basil McDonnell-Claire Munnelly-Margaret & John Neeson-Carmel Nevin-Peter O’Colmain-Joe Ruddy-Pat Terry-Joe Whelan we extend our condolences to Alison & Herve’s family.

We were all planning to meet up for the 50th Anniversary reunion in November in Kilkenny. Hervé & Alison were looking forward to attending and had already made their reservation.  We will now remember Hervé along with our other departed classmates -John Caffrey (2008) Michael Anderson (2010) and Liz Sinnott ( 2015). May they all Rest in Peace.

“There are special people in our lives who never leave us, even after they are gone.” “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart and Hervé touched all our hearts. His classmates had 54 years filled with wonderful memories and friendship.

He leaves behind his beloved Alison who has taken care of Hervé over the past couple of years with devotion and love and will always be a member of the Class of 1973.

Our condolences to Alison and Herve’s family – sisters Armelle (Ireland) & Bridget (France) and his cousins Perig and Soazig in Charleston , South Carolina.

Au revoir Hervé

Vous nous manquerez, mais pas oublié

Best regards,

James Enright

In 2017 we moved to live in the East Sussex market town of Heathfield. After a few weeks settling in we started to explore the local pubs, one such being The Black Duck in Warbleton, a small delightful country pub overlooking huge fields of corn. As I was getting drinks from the bar I felt a tap on the shoulder and looked round to see a man I did not recognise. He asked “are you David Wilkinson?”, yes I said, and there and then started a wonderful friendship with Herve and Alison. Of course we rapidly got into exchanging stories of Shannon, which were often re-told in only the way Herve could. He was a story teller, and could make you laugh just by the characteristic raising of his eyes to the heavens with a wry smile.

We used to meet every Friday evening in the Black Duck, until a combination of factors forced the owners to close it down.

Not only did I share a Shannon background with Herve, but we both grew up in Bray. We learned to swim in Naylors Cove, a now derelict open sea swimming pool nestling below Bray Head. Herve in his youth used to go round the shores of Bray Head returning with huge crabs, which I have no doubt he sold at a vast profit!

There were many stories about the Harbour Bar, and his fathers sailing boat,,, Herve started out by studying law, but saw the light and decided Shannon was for him. His 1973 classmates will have many hilarious tales to tell I have no doubt.

His skirmishes with Jurgan Blum must have been entertaining! He recounted many times his experiences in Zurich in second year where he found himself in a hotel school run by a great character, Herr Hammer. Herve was aghast to be told that the hotel school had strict hours when students had to be in the school, I think 10pm. So in only the way he could, Herve called up Jurgan Blum and complained bitterly that this was adversely affecting his social life. The next day Herr Hammer provided Herve with a key to the front door, of course making him the most popular student in the school.

Herve spent time with THF in many different locations, amongst which was a stint in north Wales, and Blackpool.

It was while in Wales that he met his beloved Alison, and their adventure began, until it ended so sadly last Saturday.

I will remember Herve for his wonderful friendship, but also for his inventive and creative streak. His workshop was a sight to behold, with every type of equipment you could ever need, from lathes (both wood and metal), and every type of drill, saw, cutter and even a small forge !! He helped me in the making of a rocking horse for our grandchildren , turning a very fine square oak post into a beautifully turned upright to support the horse. He was incredibly skilled, possibly taking after his father who was a sculptor.

And then there was Herve the Chef, making best use of his Ninja fryer, but also able to turn out some wonderfully tasty meals, often with French flair.

As Herve’s health worsened he was incredibly stoic and brave in the way he approached his final days with Alison always by his side. He was living for the 1973 re-union in Kilkenny, but sadly that was one step too far. We were, however very privileged to meet his two sisters Armelle and Brigit a few weeks ago, a lovely family get together which was very touching to see.

We will miss Herve enormously, his sense of fun, his kindness, and his story telling.

He was a wonderful friend.

David Wilkinson, Cass of 1975

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