John Scanlon

MEET the Irishman who’s busy running the most famous hotel in Los Angeles at the height of Oscar’s week.

John Scanlon, from Listowel, Co Kerry, Is General Manager of the famed Beverly Hills Hotel, which is considered a mecca for celebrities in Los Angeles.

But the genial Kerryman modestly maintains he’s not fazed by the numerous number of A-listers who walk through his doors at the iconic pink coloured hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

“At the end of the day it’s about taking great care of people and looking after them, and making them feel welcome like you would do at home in Ireland. Cared for and looked after,” he stresses.

John has a long history in the hotel industry, having trained at the prestigious Shannon College of Hotel Management.

“Back in the day when I was there it was still quite a young school. Now it’s producing a lot of graduates and they are all over the industry.

“Ireland should really be quite product of Shannon college as its producing some of the most well-known and successful hoteliers right across the world. We are really spread around.”
During the economically depressed 1980s he left Ireland for England.

“I went to London after Shannon hotel school in the mid-1980s, and I worked for Trust House Forte back in the day,” he recalls.

“I was at the Dorchester (hotel), and 45 Park Lane (hotel) also. I was in the Dorchester Collection corporate office for a few years. I’m with them about 19 years.

“Before that I was in the Lansborough in Knightsbridge, for about 14 years. So that’s a lot of years, most of my career.”

“It’s a great hotel, it’s a wonderful place. I’m very busy with the Oscars,” he beams.

“I’m with the Dorchester Collection, which owns the Dorchester hotel In London. They’re the same company which owns this hotel. That’s how I ended up here, which is phenomenal.

“I’ve been in the Dorchester Collection a long time and I’ve adjusted and acclimatised to the nature of these hotels. They are fine hotels, they are wonderful.

“One of the reasons I came here was for the nice weather. They’ve had a bit more rain lately than they’re used to and I’ve had a bit of an adjustment getting used to it myself.”…

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