After their 25th Anniversary celebrations in 1998, the Class of 1973 made a donation to the College fundraising for the new college building fund. Their class name is on the Donor Wall since then.

Following their 50th Anniversary celebrations in Kilkenny at the end of 2023, they wanted to make another donation and during a visit to the college by James Enright last November, we discussed how they could contribute, and he asked for our advice. We were in the process of preparing a new coffee station for our visitors and his donation on behalf of the Class of 1973 allowed us to complete this to a very high standard.

We are so grateful to our alumni and their constant support of all that we do in Shannon College. We remember this lovely group every time we make a cup of coffee!

As Peadar said in Latin – Class of 1973  “Primus inter pares”

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