Due to the nature of the course in Shannon, our alumni will have have worked in many different countries before retiring.

I received the following useful information from a retired graduate who suggested it would be of benefit to others:

In order to qualify for a standard rate Irish State Pension (Contributory) at age 66 a person must have:

  1. entered into insurable employment before age 56
  2. at least 520 full rate employment / self-employment contributions paid
  3. a yearly average of at least 10 full rate contributions paid and/or credited from date of entry into insurance to the end of the last full contribution year before reaching age 66.

If a person does not have sufficient Irish contributions they may still be entitled to a pro rata pension based on a combination of Irish contributions and social insurance covered by EU regulations (like UK) or with another country with which Ireland has a Bilateral Social Security Agreement. Persons apply for Irish pension via their country of residence.

Under EU Regulations a person is obliged to apply for his/her pension through the Social Security Institution of the Country where he/she is resident.

Questions about your eligibility for the Irish State Pension (Contributory) can be addressed to:

Department of Social Protection
Social Welfare Services
College Road

Tel: +353 (0)71 915 7100
Locall (within Ireland) : 1890 500 000

For residents of the United Kingdom, apply to:

Department of Work and Pensions,
Pensions & Overseas Directorate,
Tyneview Park, Whitley Rd,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE98 1BA

Hopefully this will be of help to some alumni and many thanks to the graduate who passed it onto me.


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