The Shannon Family was devastated yesterday to hear of the passing of Ross Mahon from the class of 2005. Ross was universally liked and this was verified by all the messages received yesterday – terms like gentleman, great character were constantly used.

The Class of 2005 are a particularly close class – this might stem from the fact that they registered in Shannon on 9/11 – an auspicious start to their college life! They were also part of the first BBS Degree class in Shannon so they are memorable for many reasons. Ross was an integral part of the class – his height and big personality made him so popular with his classmates and staff. His classmates met up the week before Christmas in Dublin and take much solace in these dark days that Ross attended that night.

Ross was so proud to have his dream job with Google and was instrumental in making Shannon College a Google Education partner in 2012. This partnership transformed our communications and work practices and we still use many of these tools even post integration with NUI Galway. This is a wonderful legacy that he has left to us.

We are reeling at his sudden passing after a cruelly short illness and our thoughts and sympathies are with his distraught family, friends and  classmates at this dreadful time.

May dear Ross rest in peace.

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