On Thursday September 25th, 15 members of the class of 196868double1964-1968 returned to Shannon to celebrate 15 years since first meting.

On arrival they met everyone for tea and coffee and the met Phillip Smyth, Director, for a brief presentation of the development of the College and future plans for it.

Year 3 students then accompanied the groups on a show around to the 5 different practical groups which were underway:

  • Restaurant Service
  • Culinary Practical
  • Information Technology
  • Accommodation Services
  • Food Science

There are some lovely photos in the gallery below of this part of the tour!

After the show around, the joined the Year 1 students in the IT practical group for lunch. This lunch was prepared and served by Year 1 students.

After lunch, they had a memorial service for classmates and college staff who have passed away. This was quite emotional as they spoke of their memories of each of their 5 classmates and staff who had taught them.

The final activity of the day involved them joing the Year 4 students for HMIS class – prompting great discussion on technology in restaurants and the difference and changes over the past 50 years.

They were a wonderful group to look after and the students really enjoyed hearing about how things have – and have not! – changed in Shannon since they were students back in the 1960’s!

They also left us some very rare and interesting archive material – photos, letters, yearbooks etc that I look forward to scanning and sharing on this site.

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